Give a child a reason to smile! Your support is helping to change & heal lives!

To Give A Smile was founded to be a vessel of continual hope to children facing unforeseen health situations. Through your donations, it makes it possible for us as an organization to change the lives of children around the world. Your support essentially becomes the hands that comfort a child coming from surgery to providing the medical treatment that saves a life.

How your donations contribute to our mission:

  • $18 helps to provide 5 children with medical treatment (immunizations, antibiotics)
  • $50 covers the cost for an activity night at a children’s hospital
  • $150 helps to sponsor 10 care packages (includes activities for the kids to do while in the hospital, stuffed animal and thinking of you card)
  • $300 covers the entire cost for one of our Themed outreach events, including meals, activities, and supplies, impacting approximately 85-100 people  
  • $500 covers the salary for the doctors/nurses for an entire week at a medical clinic (treating up to 500-1000 children)
  • $1,000 provides a home-cooked meal for 400 individuals staying at RMH home
  • $3,000 provides medical treatment for an entire village (treating between 600-1500 children)

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Make checks payable to:
To Give A Smile
PO BOX 810853
Dallas, TX 75381