Christmas Blessing! 

Often more than not, our team members and volunteers are interacting with families that are at their breaking point, as they deal with the ongoing pressures of life while being pulled in a hundred different directions as they care for their sick child.

Each year, as the holidays approach it becomes one more item to add to their ongoing to-do list of things that need to be done but often gets pushed to the back burner so they can care for their child. As an organization, in order to help lift the burden of the holidays and truly give families a Christmas to remember for those who have a child with an ongoing illness, we created a program called “Christmas Blessing”.

Families that are selected by the organization will receive a Christmas to remember, which includes a Christmas dinner, gifts for each of their children, and a special getaway.

Last year’s recipient, the Amarilla family, have a daughter named, Sharon, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, called Batten Disease CLN7, which prevents her body from producing a protein that causes several cognitive and physical setbacks. Children diagnosed with Batten Disease is one in one million with a life expectancy of 9 years of age. The family is from Paraguay and have been in Dallas for over a year, away from family & friends as their daughter is in a clinic gene therapy infusion trial at Children’s Dallas in hopes it will start producing the protein again and stop her body from regressing. Graciela shared with TGAS that receiving the Christmas blessing truly made their first year being away from family during the holidays a little more hopeful and memorable.

Help be a part of the 2022 Christmas Blessing by donating. Funds raised will help make it a Christmas to remember for the families that are selected.

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