Auntuane, Mother of a child impacted by TGAS

You all bring Joy! As a mother, I can’t express how much you all have impacted us and the families you serve. You all are making a difference and are such a blessing to us!

Madeline, Grandmother of a child impacted by TGAS

I’m very happy. I didn’t know what to do with my grandson. God sent me to the clinic after his mother passed away. I’m blessed by all you all do. My grandson is alive and going better because of this program.

Jill, Children’s Dallas Hospital

We are so thankful and grateful for the dedication of To Give a Smile. You all continue to find ways to support our patients, families, and staff in new and creative ways with each new curveball this pandemic has provided. We could not provide the opportunities, joy, and distraction that we are able to provide without generous donors like you all. It really provides hope and encouragement to our patients when they know outside community members are walking alongside them and supporting them.

Deb, Mother of a child impacted by TGAS

As a mother, it is a shot in the heart to hear and see your daughter struggle with the way she sees herself and to know that there is nothing you can do to take away the pain she is experiencing. As parents, we fight so hard for a smile. But look at this picture. That is the impact you make! You warm a mama’s heart when she sees her hurting daughter smile. When you serve a meal, talk with the families, play with kids, or even just refill their drinks, it helps, it heals, it shows love when that might have been the only time they felt it all day. Everything you all do makes a difference. You help families get through one more day. Thank you for sacrificing your time to show families love.